50 Yard Challenge


To Kids Worldwide:

We challenge you to cut 50 lawns FREE for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans , & anyone in need of help in your town. If you accept this challenge, all you need to do is send us a photo of you holding a sign saying “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge”, and in return, we’ll send you your white Raising Men/Women  shirt along with shades & ear protection to get you started. For every 10 lawns cut, you will get a new color shirt.

• Once you cut 10 lawns you get an orange shirt
• 20 lawns earn a green shirt
• 30 lawns earn a blue shirt
• 40 lawns earn a red shirt
• 50 lawns earn a black shirt.

Once you reach 50 lawns, we will come visit you, cut a few lawns with you, and give you different color Raising Men Lawn Care Service shirts. We will also give you a brand new lawn mower, weed eater & blower ! Let’s make a difference together by mowing one yard at a time! The challenge is for boys & girls. Ages 7-17.

Get started:

• Send us a picture of you holding a sign saying “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge”. If there are more than two kids just need one submission and a signing saying “We accept the 50 yard challenge”.
• You will then be sent your white shirt, shades and ear protection
• Every time you mow 10 lawns, you will receive a new shirt, highlighting your experience and commitment to helping others.

F.A.Q: Your child may do a lawn more than once, they may also team up, there is no time limit, in the fall & winter we do raking leaves and snow shoveling.

Fill out the form below!

In the fall and winter, we will include raking leaves and snow shoveling driveways. Send in the picture of your child to get them started


Please wait until your child receives their shirt, safety glasses and ear protection for them to start the challenge . Also, please take photos of them mowing each lawn and/or with the home owner in their shirt. Text it to 256-508-9440 . This way we will verify the lawn was being done and keep track at what number they are on.


ALSO IF you HAVE SENT IN A FORM BUT HAVEN’T RECEIVED YOUR CHILDS SHIRT AND ITS BEEN A WEEK,  TEXT THEIR NAME, SHIRT SIZE , ADDRESS & PHOTO AND ANOTHER WILL BE SENT. Some have uploaded  their form and  clicked that they didn’t upload the picture. In order to receive the shirt and other items, the photo much be upload so they can start the challenge. 

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Below is an example of how your child can make their sign. Feel free to be creative with the sign. If you have more than one kid, they can make one sign saying "We accept the 50 Yard Challenge" and take the picture together. On the form its a comment box where you can also mention their shirt sizes.

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