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Each month we raise money for a deserving person or family in need & surprise them with a big check. Below you can nominate a person/family you feel should receive the Gift of Hope for February. Any where in the USA.

April's Stories

1. This is my cousin and her three kids whose life took a tragic turn on Sunday. Her husband drifted off of the right side of the road a ran head first into a tree which killed him on impact. She is really going through a tough time and I’m hoping this will relieve some of the financial hardship she is experiencing. There is a gofundme set up for his funeral expenses, however not alot of money to help with the family he leaves behind Ronnie was a good husband, friend, and father. His smile was infectious. He was so much too so many and I’m hoping that this can be a small token for my cousins long journey ahead.


2.My daughter is an amazing young lady.She has struggled in life ftom a young age. She’s a single mom of 3. She’s come so far in the last couple months. She and her 3 children could thrive so much more if she had her own place. But the funds just are not there. There stuck in a bedroom at my house and would be so much happier and thrive so much more if they had there own space. This money could help my daughter and kids get a place of there own.


3.I am nominating Ashley because she is 29 and has been battling cancer for 9 years. She goes to Chemo and Radiation 4 days a week and still manages to work. She works to pay for her treatments, which are 120.00 everytime she goes. Her and her husband struggle as he works as well to pay as many household bills as he can. They have gotten behind on quite a few bills due to her having to pay for her treatments. She can be as sick as a dog and still comes to work. There are days she has treatment then comes to work and struggles. She is the most kind, caring, loving, selfless human being ive ever met in my life. She never complains and if you arent super close to her you wont know shes sick because she doesnt use it as a crutch. I feel she should win at something ONCE in her life.


4.My best friend, Tracey, could sure use a miracle. Let’s see: husband out of work since September, due to health. He’s had several surgeries, several more scheduled. Their house needs electrical repairs (aluminum wiring, needs to be copper). At risk of fire and losing their insurance if they don’t get it fixed. They can’t afford, because all of the money goes to bills or for feeding their 4 kids. They use food banks, but it’s not enough. She’s the primary transportation for the family, since he can’t drive. And their washer and dryer are fritzing out and their vehicle is in the shop. ONE THING ON TOP OF ANOTHER. She’s like, What’s next? She needs a break!!!


5.Michael is a single father raising his daughter on his own with no child support from the mom. He lost his job as an independent truck driver in July of 2020. We just couldn’t hang in there with the cheap freight and his health going downhill. He has medical issues and no money or insurance to go to a doctor. In December He suffered through what we believe was covid with no medical treatment and is still trying to get his strength back. Thankfully neither his daughter no I got sick. He is also homeschooling his daughter. He is a wonderful parent and son. He is currently attempting to start a lawn mower repair business, funds are tight and his health is still a big issue. He has multiple medical problems. I help all I can with keeping the bills paid and a roof over their heads and getting him some inventory to start working on, but being widowed and on a pension myself, I can only do so much. He could use a good dose of help and hope to bring the light of love back into his world. He has always been ready to help those he could when he was able to. I know I am his mother, but he truly is a good man, down on his luck, still trying to find a leg up.

6.Growing up myself and my two older sister’s weren’t blessed with such stable/providing parents. Our father always had a drinking problem, was abusive and with time it got worse with drugs. Our parents split up and eventually divorced. After my parents separated, my two older sisters pretty much raised me (I am the youngest) while our mother worked two jobs to take care of us. My sister Tabitha was such a positive role model for me. Tabitha and my oldest sister would watch me after school, help me with homework, cook dinner for us, play with me and teach me how to dance, do all of the cleaning duties. Tabitha was like a mother to me at a very young age. (She was about 12 years old at that time) Tabitha was also the closest to our father. So when our mother remarried Tabitha took a turn and became the rebellious teenager. As she started getting older, she started going down the wrong path and lost her true self. She fell in love and married young. Her husband turned out to be very much like our father, abusive and would belittle her. He also had a drug problem which she soon joined in on. She had three kids with her husband by the age of 23. It took myself and my oldest sister years to get her away from her husband. She finally left her awful husband and we thought it was going to get so much better for Tabitha. After Tabitha left her husband, our mother and step father ended up getting custody of her three children. Tabitha started spending a lot of time with our father who hadn’t changed at all. She was in and out of jail a handful of times. Fast forward to almost ten years later, she gets arrested the last time. She is in jail for about a month (so she is sober) I go to visit her and the whole time she is crying and worried about our father. Begging me to please go check on him because “something isn’t right”. He hadn’t been answering her phone call for a couple days. Boy, I wish I would have listened to her. We got the news of our dads passing three days after Tabitha begged me to check on him. Now remember, Tabitha is the closest to our father. She is in jail and is only allowed to say goodbye to him before the service…..all alone without her family. This point in her life she has hit rock bottom; she just lost our dad, is in jail and has seven years that they are telling her she will serve. She is there about three months I believe and then is given the opportunity to get help. That was almost three years ago! Tabitha went to the Warm Center for women and stayed there for almost two whole years! She became a mentor to the other women. She gave back to her community by working at the warm center for $50 for two weeks pay. She could have gotten another job and made more money to save but she wanted to give back to her sobriety sisters. Tabitha graduated from the program and is still very much involved with her sobriety sisters. She has been trying to get back on her feet for the last year. She worked at subway for about four months and walked 30 minutes to and from everyday. Now she has accomplished many many goals she had. She has a apartment and she has a stable job! She has become close to god and is trying to do right for all the wrong she did in the past. Her children are going to be 12(Camron),13(rickie) and 15(breanna) this year. This is going on 10 years that she hasn’t had her children and she still hasn’t lost faith. She just recently achieved another goal. Tabitha got her driving license back and got a car less then a month ago! So now Tabitha gets to keep her children on the weekends if she isn’t working overtime. Tabitha lives 2.5 hours away from her family. So you can imagine how much it costs each time she travels to get them. She could have done the easy thing and just came back home to live with family but she is trying to stand on her own and get her children back and do right for her past. Tabitha is that person who helped raised me when I was a little girl again. I am so proud of the women my sister has become. She is my best friend and the person I look up to. Tabitha is such a strong, goofy, loving and selfless person. If she won this, it would help her tremendously. It could help pay off her car, pay for groceries and rent or gas to go get her children. She could use it to get back on her feet again. Tabitha would be forever grateful. Thank you for letting me share my sisters story with you.

7.Hope has cleaned my house for almost a year, I met her through some friends whose house she also cleaned. She is so hard-working and honest and always friendly and happy. In the past couple of years, both of her parents have passed away. In February her husband of 20 years got Covid and a week later after a brief hospitalization, passed very suddenly. She lost a whole month of work as well as the love of her life. Her husband also cared for their granddaughter and special needs child, both of whom they are now trying to find care for in his absence.


8.Steve is a career 911 operator who has a wife and 4 daughters. His one daughter is 16 with lifetime epilepsy, which caused him to start a nonprofit to help other families like them. This week Steve, age 46, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He plans to fight this in an effort to watch his kids grow up and marry. His diagnosis will force him into early retirement and he is the sole wage earner in the home.


9.My dad is Ken. He’s a retired fireman of 30+ years. He brought me up to take care of others, even when we had very little to spare. He still tries to live this way. After his monthly bills are paid, his medical expenses consume the rest and that leaves little, if anything to help others anymore. He’s my “deddie”, my first friend and first love. I’ll do anything to show him how much I love and appreciate him and all he has taught me.


10.Nancy’s Husband John “Kelsey” McGainey suffered a massive heart attack Thursday, January 28, 2021 while working. Fortunately, he was able to call his son and 911 to get help. John went in and out of consciousness on his way to Habor Hospital. When he arrived, Doctors applauded paramedics for their work keeping him alive. Harbor determined John had a 100% blockage and needed immediate surgery that they were unable to give. Within 40 minutes of getting to Harbor, John was the transported to Union Memorial where a balloon and stent were placed and he was put under a medically induced coma. In the past 5 days, John has undergone therapeutic hypothermia in hopes to help heal and reduce the possibility of brain damage. The staff at Union Memorial have attempted to wake John up. He does open his eyes when his name is called, however he does not respond to any commands at this time. He has been heavily sedated since he has arrived, but should be responding more than he is at this point. Right now, it is a waiting game and we are all praying for his recovery. For those of you who do not know John, he is a fighter and he is one of the hardest workers. He has faced brain surgery and beat the odds. And we just know if he can do that, he can overcome this. John works from 9A-9P every day and he’s been in the tow and repo industry for over 30 years. He would without a doubt, give you the shirt off of his back if you were in need. On his time off, John enjoys spending time with his family. His favorite thing to do is to play with his two grandsons and he was very much looking forward to spoiling his first granddaughter who will be making her entrance in March. John is the primary provider of his household. Any money raised will go directly to his wife, Nancy, for medical expenses and bills to help accommodate for the loss of his wages. On Behalf of the family, we thank you for your prayers, shares, and generosity during such a scary time.


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